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Biografische Referenzen

Several books were published containing biographical information on Verger. Below, we quote those that seem more complete:


50 anos de fotografiaPierre Verger - 50 anos de fotografia - 1932-1982

This book, the only biographical work on Pierre Verger, constitutes the most complete source of information on the photographer’s life. In 28 chronological chapters devoted to each of his major journeys, Verger tells stories of his travels. The book is illustrated with over 200 photographs. The book was reissued in 2012 with the addition of nearly 100 new photos.
Author: Pierre Verger
Original Version: Corrupio/1982
Reissue: Pierre Verger Foundation/2012

pierre fatumbi verger um homem livre capa

Pierre Fatumbi Verger - Um homen livre

This biography, written by French researcher Jean-Pierre Le Bouler, was written based on existing information from various sources on Pierre Verger, many of them from the book 50 anos de fotografias, from research in French collections and through correspondence exchange with Pierre Verger.

Author: Jean-Pierre Le Bouler
:Pierre Verger Foundation
Year: 2002


verger um retrato preto e branco capa

Verger - Um retrato em preto e branco

This book brings together many testimonials collected by Regina Echeverria and Cida Nóbrega, one of the creators of Editora Corrupio in the early 80s, which was the publisher responsible for publishing various works by Verger in Brazil. The book also contains fragments of conversations with Verger and many photographs by Arlete Soares from the time she lived with the photographer.

Author: Regina Echeverria and Cida Nóbrega
: Corrupio
Year: 2002