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The Pierre Verger's records have been put together by himself up to his death in 1996, except the documents connected with various projects (exhibitions, publications, films...) which have been put together from 1988 by the foundation's staff.After this date, a few documents of the foundation have joined the files he created himself (the correspondences in particular).

In 2000, Anne Baradel and Marie-Lise Poirier organized this whole collection in order to record and classify Verger's personal documents, respecting the classification used by him. As a result of that work a guide was created and is available for consultation at the Pierre Verger Foundation.

This guide describes the existing documents or batches of documents with varying degrees of accuracy. The classification of the personal collection of Verger in the guide is divided into three main areas related to the activities carried out during Verger's life: photograph, research, arts and museums.

Subsequently, all his correspondence was classified according to those three activities. Verger's letters were organized by country and recipient. The last part presents documents related to places of residence and trips made by Verger as well as other administrative documents.

The menu to the left displays the index of the guide of the personal collection of Pierre Verger. The complete guide can be found at the Foundation.



It is important to provide a better description of the current conditions of the collection of Verger's personal papers, especially knowing that many researchers travel from other states or countries to consult it. The goal is to serve them in the best possible way, optimizing their time and avoiding false expectations to be created.

It is important to highlight that the collection consists only of original documents, many of them in poor conditions and not restored and digitized. Therefore, not all documents are available for consultation. Furthermore, some directions should be followed before accessing the desired materials:

  • Contact the department of your research by e-mail in advance, mentioning your subject and the material needed.
  • Outline the subject of the research to verify the possibility of accessing the materials, considering that there may be restrictions to access some materials depending on their preservation condition.
  • If the materials sought by the researcher are available, a meeting shall be scheduled with the Foundation's research department prior to the research, to determine the details and formalize due authorizations or the different modes of consultation.

We count on your understanding and your presence whenever possible.