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The Pierre Verger Cultural Center has the support of the Pierre Verger Foundation in financing activities such as educational workshops, as well as for the material resources to support the activities performed. Periodically, the Cultural Center is granted the approval of projects from various entities, especially projects of the Ministry of Culture and the State Government through the Ministry of Culture. Such is the case for the Culture Fund, which sponsors various activities of the Pierre Verger Cultural Center since 2009.

We also accept contributions and donations from individuals for the development of socio-cultural activities of the Cultural Space.If you are interested in making donations and contributions, please, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

In 2013, the Cultural Center was supported by Dannemann, including a donation of funds distributed through the Ação Calendário Natalino program. The funds will be used for sports, cooking for children (Saúde na panela), capoeira and learning to read (Ler com prazer) workshops. In each of the workshops, children and young Afro-Brazilians from Engenho Velho de Brotas - the neighborhood around the institution - participate. In these activities, the children seek inspiration for their lives since they come from families with financial difficulties and with few real opportunities. 

Sport activities allow children to know themselves better through the challenges and rules involved. The existence of the healthy and creative food workshop is critical because many families lack food. The practice of capoeira allows the expression and maintenance of elements of their ancestral culture in a fun way. On the other hand, the chance to discover the joy of reading becomes something unexpected for many due to the fact that the number of functional illiterates remains high, preventing many people to experience the joy of reading. Thus, the children’s joy in participating in these activities and being in the Cultural Center becomes our greatest satisfaction, as we help pave their way to a future of full citizenship. (Text: Cultural Dannemann and Cultural Center)


Dannemann´s Donation

This year, Dannemann's donation partner for the Advent Calendar Project is the Espaço Cultural Pierre Verger.

The proceeds from the donation campaign will be used for the following courses: Sports, Cooking for Children, Wholesome Nutrition and the percussion and reading course Fun & Reading. These courses are primarily targeted at Afro-Brazilian youngsters living in the Engenho Velho de Brotas district, which is also home to the foundation's headquarters. Most of these children and youths come from socially disadvantaged and decidedly not well-off families that are unable to provide them with as much positive inspiration as would be desirable; the courses provide orientation and help them take their lives forward. The sports course sets challenges within a firm set of rules and thus confronts the youngsters with their strengths and weaknesses. Wholesome and creative cooking is important, especially in families that still struggle to put enough food on the table. The playful capoeira element of the reminiscent of one aspect of the culture embraced by the young people's ancestors, and teaching and motivating the kids to read opens up their minds to an often surprising and wonderfully satisfying new world. This is all the more vital in view of the sad fact that the number of functional illiterates remains very high in that area. Our greatest source of satisfaction is to see the happy faces and experience the sheer enthusiasm of the kids when they attend the courses and visit the Espaço Cultural: we want to help them discover paths to a better future!